Talks on Field Theory and Particle Physics

This was the first talk we gave in this field to physicists and astrophysicists in the related fields. Main questions asked were on PID, renomalization, and the new gravitational field equations based on PID.

The talk were based on Articles [1-3]. Note that the conjecture on dual particles made on page 12 of slides, as well as on version 1 of  article [3],  was not right based on our current understanding, and is corrected in version 2 of [3] , and in articles thereafter.

This was truly an “interactive” talk, with many questions asked by the audiences, who appeared to be quite interested in understanding new gravitational field equations, PID, PID-induced Higgs field, and mass generation mechanism. Professor Steven Gottlieb raised a question on the many parameters in the right-hand side terms of the PID-induced field equations and on how the Higgs fields attain their masses. His problem was better answered in Article [4] posted on arxiv:1212.4893, where a new basic principle, called principle of representation invariance (PRI) was discovered.

A good number of audiences attended this talk. Most questions asked during and after the talk focused on the understanding PID and the mass generation mechanism. Also sincere compliments from some of the audiences after the talk were encouraging.

This talk used similar slides as in the previous APS Topical Group on Hadronic Physics talk. The main interest of the audience was on how the classical electroweak theory violates the principle of representation invariance (PRI).

In last three talks, we are able to derive weak and strong interaction potentials and force formulas, leading explanation of quark confinement and asymptotic freedom. However, the prediction on strong interaction  dual fields (see item 2 on page 11 of the slides) was still not correct. We now believe that those strong interaction dual fields correspond to scalar gluons, which are confined as well; see e.g. new version of Article [3].

We appreciate Professor Giovanni Jona-Lasinio’s interest and constructive suggestions.

The audiences showed great interest in this talk, asked many questions after the talk, and requested materials. It is encouraging to see more physicists are having better understanding of the theory.


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