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Law of gravity and Gravitational Radiation

Tian Ma & Shouhong Wang, Radiations and Potentials of Four Fundamental Interactions, Hal-preprint, hal-01616874, October 10, 2017 Talk at 2017 Midwest Relativity Meeting. October 13, 2017, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan The above paper addresses radiation and field particles of the … Continue reading

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Geometric Mechanism of Fundamental Interactions

In this post, we shall give some insights in postulating; see also Article [3]: Geometric Mechanism of Interactions: The gravitational force is the curved effect of the space-time manifold , and the electromagnetic, weak, strong interactions are the twisted effects … Continue reading

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Dark Matter and Dark Energy: A Property of Gravity

The main objective of this post is to show  that dark matter and dark energy phenomena are just a property of gravity  1. Symmetry Dictates Law of Gravity Gravity is one of the four fundamental interactions/forces of Nature, and is … Continue reading

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