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Three Constituents of the Fundamental Theory for the Four Interactions

The aim of this blog is to clarify that the fundamental theory of four interactions must contain the following three basic constituents: the symmetries, the Lagrangian actions, also called functionals, and the field equations. The relation between these three components … Continue reading

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Unified Field Theory

This post presents a brief introduction to the unified field theory of four fundamental interactions, developed recently by the authors [3, 4], based only on a few fundamental principles and symmetries. The main breakthrough is the introduction of two basic … Continue reading

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Yang-Mills Theory and Principle of Representation Invariance (PRI)

The objectives of this post are 1) to briefly introduce the basic formulation of the gauge theory, and 2) to postulate the principle of representation invariance (PRI): Principle of Representation Invariance (PRI) [Ma-Wang, 2012] An gauge theory must be invariant … Continue reading

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